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Ways to screenshot on PC/Laptop

13 days ago


Here are a few ways to help you take screenshots on Mac or Windows.

Screenshots help us capture the moments of importance and excitement, keeping the key information for future use in life, especially in work. People are still wondering how to take a screenshot or the fastest way to take screenshots even though it is indispensable for daily life, including sharing it with your family, friends or coworkers, saving it for easy reference, etc.

Here are a few ways to help you take screenshots on Mac or Windows.

Use built-in tools and other shortcuts for taking screenshots, such as PrintScreen + Windows key, Alt + Print Screen, etc. on Windows. It seems like a fast way to use what you get at hand, but the truth is that you need to know what the shortcut first, which most people have no clue on that. They may have to do some researches on that.

Download some specific screenshot tool software, which helps you take any kind of screenshot you want. But the downsides of software are pretty obvious. Some screenshot software are pricey, some require sign-up and recording your personal information even though they are for free.

There are quite a few amazing websites or Chrome extensions to take screenshots instantly. The good points of them are easy to access and no need to download anything. But the reality is that some of them still require register or subscription. It is pretty tough to discover some useful and free screenshot tools without mandatory register.

The good news is there are some websites or Chrome extensions for screenshots meet the mentioned criteria, such as ShotEasy is dedicated to helping users take partial or the whole screen shots even the whole page. Besides screenshots, ShotEasy provides various tools to beautify the screenshots, including photo editor, background beautifier, image converter, photo compressor, size adjustment, etc. And they are all for free and requires no register and respect your privacy.

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ShotEasy is like a screenshots troubleshooter, helping you tackle all screenshots related problems. Use it while it is still free.